I’m Kathleen Cook.  I’m a mom to two sets of twins, aged four and one.

I live in Winnipeg, a mid-size Canadian city.

You can reach me at twinanutshell[AT]gmail.com.

London (2010-07-28) - 063a


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a fondness for bloggers with twins, especially twin boys. I have no idea why though as I’m not a twin and we didn’t have any. I like to believe that their lives must be more chaotic than my own because they have double the kid at one serving and that helps me. Sort of a Schadenfreude sort of thing I guess.

    1. That’s how I feel about Toronto Maple Leafs fans. Sure my team might suck more than yours but your team finally made it to the playoffs and got blown out…at least we knew we were never gonna make it.

      Not quite the right analogy, I was just look for an opportunity to slag Toronto.

      I’m one of your “new” followers btw. Really enjoy your blog.

      1. Ha, you sound like a Cubs baseball fan, but you’re totally right! It’d be so much easier if the Blues didn’t make the playoffs at all so I’d not get my hopes up. Instead I get myself all pissed off watching them blow a 2-0 series advantage to the Kings again, but at least I’m not bitter. One of my favorite hockey games ever involved the old Winnipeg Jets. Long story short, Brendan Shanahan (my favorite player ever) kicked Keith Tkachuk’s rear end after he netted a couple of goals first. EPIC! Thanks for following me! I’m going to check out some of your Twinsanity right now instead of working.

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