This is only half of it. (Image credit: public domain via Creative Commons, CC0 1.0 Universal)

I’m back! And bigger (and hopefully better) than before.

Guys, we had another set of twins. No joke! The boys were two and a half when they were joined by twin sisters A & R. (Not to be confused with one of the boys, also known on the internet as “R”, so, um… hmm, didn’t think this through. We’ll call her R2.)

We wanted a girl, and we got two. The whole thing is ridiculous and wonderful. I also changed the name of my blog to twinsquared. Because I have twins, squared! (Math, it turns out you do use some of it in adulthood.)

It also means we had four kids in two and a half years. It’s as chaotic and crazy as it sounds. In fact, the reaction I get most frequently is “Wow, whenever I feel like I’ve had a hard day, I just think about your life and how you must cry yourself to sleep every night/drink buckets of wine to cope/hate everything, and then I don’t feel so bad!” (Memo to these well-meaning(?) friends: I have KIDS, not cancer. I chose this! But thanks for your concern…I guess??)

Today, D&R are four, and A&R2 are nearly two. And I finally, finally feel like I have enough functioning brain cells to return to blogging. And wow do I have some from-the-trenches parenting tales (and fails) to write about.

So sit back, relax, and let me be your cautionary tale.


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