New welcome mat from my parents
This is a much nicer welcome mat than the one you’d find at my house.  Mine would probably be covered in sweet potatoes and soggy Cheerios. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’ve been Freshly Pressed!  That was pretty exciting (and humbling…I am in the company of some much, much better bloggers, which has inspired me to step up my game).  But the best part about having my blog featured by WordPress  – besides the nice bump in visitors – is that I have been introduced to a slew of other blogs and writers that I might not have otherwise found.  There is some really great content out there.  So thanks for stopping by – and sticking around.

(Also, I have received an astonishing amount of potty training advice; thanks everyone.  My favorite was Joanna’s short and sweet suggestion : a “Pee Tree.”)

It’s Mother’s Day (more on this later), so I find myself with at least 15 uninterrupted minutes  – and full control of the computer – to pump out a blog post. So if you’re new to my little blog (which is still in its infancy, itself), here’s a couple of things you might like to know about me…

– I’m a stay at home mom.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I’ve recently discovered that this makes for crap conversation at parties not populated by other parents.  It’s a good thing I stay up to date on the news.

– My twin boys, R and D, are turning one this week.  You’ll hear a lot about them.

– My husband, J, is a teacher and an all around stand up guy.  He made me coffee this morning and tried to let me sleep in.  R thwarted his efforts by yelling at full volume all through breakfast.

– We’re Canadian.  It’s true what they say about us, we watch a lot of hockey.  I’m sorry about Justin Bieber and Pamela Anderson.  (We also over-apologize.)

– Most people land on my blog after searching “jim carrey dumb and dumber,” a source of eternal shame for me, because of this early post, in which I told the story of my boys’ first haircut and the disastrous results.

So, welcome, if you’re new here (and most of you are, now) and thanks for coming by!


13 thoughts on “Rolling out the welcome mat

    1. Thanks Tric! I had been meaning to leave a comment on your blog – the post you did thanking the bloggers who nominated you for those awards. I just wanted to say that they are all so well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and appreciate that you post pretty much every day.

  1. Congrats on the freshly pressed , I am so glad I found you – i’m not a mum but have 8 nieces and nephews whom I adore.
    love the fact your kids are R and D (research and development)!! hehehe I do believe they can teach us so much and this is a cute little coincidence.

    1. Awesome! Always glad to find another Canuck online. I guess we’re not really in short supply here but we are definitely outnumbered by our American friends.

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