I have been following Nicholas Day’s series “How Babies Work” over on Slate.  His research is way more interesting than the stuff I’m probably supposed to be reading in What to Expect: The First Year – stuff that always makes me think my boys are developmentally delayed, or worse, regressing entirely.   (The one thing I will say in its favor is that when one of the boys  has a fever or a runny nose, What to Expect is practically encyclopedic when it comes to all the terrible things it could mean.  It’s better/worse than the Internet.)

But back to Day.  He’s looking at why babies do the things they do (suckling, staring, pointing, smiling, laughing) – and he goes way back into history in an attempt to find answers. It’s given me a whole new appreciation for the apparently mundane things the boys have been doing.  Take for example, pointing:  Pointing is apparently a huge accomplishment! Not one we’ve gotten to, yet, but when it does happen I’ll know we’ve really arrived.


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